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nightgate ✰ a persona roleplay

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A strange man with a long nose summons you within your dreams and tells you you have a mission to undertake - and before you can protest, you awaken in the middle of Tokyo amidst a panic. It seems that there's been periodic invasions of demons from the gate to the Imperial Palace, and no one's been able to leave the city to escape due to a mysterious barrier. On top of that, no one around seems to have any answers. Upon further investigation, you find that the aforementioned gate opens up to a Shadow world at sunset every night, only to close again at dawn. Your mission, as it turns out, is to exterminate the Shadows. Easy, right? Unfortunately, you soon find out that things in Tokyo are not what they appear to be.
NIGHTGATE is a single-fandom roleplay for the Megami Tensei spinoff series, Persona.

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